Sunday, September 6, 2009

To Do

Apologies for the long time between postings to all those who don't read my blog.
As I have been hard at work doing things that don't involve making, here is a list of projects for summer.
  • fix the amplifier in my bike sound system. (I have attempted this already, and there is currently no sound coming out of the speakers. I feel that this is at least halfway from the original mess - where the amp made the sound quieter, not louder - and so therefore a mini victory).
  • make a pair of hi-top sneakers. This may require the assistance of Jenna, who is far more experienced with sewing things.
  • design a pigeon image to go on the front of my new/old bike.
  • record an album over 24 hours in Josh's newly established studio.
  • write a short graphic novel about an aging circus strong-man named Dynamo Humbolt.


  1. And cleaning out the study please xx
    **Am looking forward to Dynamo Humbolt

  2. Maybe you should combine the first two projects and make hi-top speakers.