Saturday, June 27, 2009

Felt-tip tattoo pen

Eastern European dinner party at Alex's last night.
Too much bigos. Way too many dumplings. Lots of dancing to Russian disco music, but still not enough.

As I was not able to contribute to the cooking, I took it upon myself to be the Russian prison tattoo artist for the night. I made a tattoo pen (a battery and guitar tuning peg attached to a blue Artline with electric tape and the obligatory rubber band), and took along my copy of Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopaedia for people to choose their artwork. Lots of blurry blue images adorned the fingers of my drunken friends. The less inhibited insisted on some of the seedier images inside the book.


  1. Be where the photographic evidence of said jaunt, Ickwood?

  2. Jen's camera is yet to surface from the carnage. I will put a pic up shortly, Mollusk.

  3. I like that you used a permanent marker.
    I spent way too long scrubbing dicks off my fingers before work.