Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Lankwood 2.0

I don't ride my bike much. Actually, I don't currently own a bike, so I ride it even less. But when I did own it, I was only ever a reluctant cruiser. And I only really enjoyed it when I had music, but wearing headphones freaked me out. So, out of a need, comes a product to fill it. The Lankwood 1.0 was a pair of computer speakers screwed together, attached to a rig that was then velcroed to the handlebars. A pouch dangling off the bottom held my ipod. Instant cycling tunes.

Only problem was the lack of volume. Riding through the park was ok, but traffic drowned it out. So I tried to upgrade, attempting to install an amplifier into it to create the more powerful Lankwood 2.0. But my skills in electronics are rather underdeveloped, and somehow, I don't know how, instead of increasing the volume, the amplifier actually made it quieter than before.

This now sits on my shelf, the tops unscrewed, with bits of wire dangling out of it's insides like the lolling tongue of some dead Hollywood extra.
One day...

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